"How To Find, Hire and Train The Perfect Real Estate Assistant"
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  • How you can get your business run smoothly while turning your assistant into a MASSIVE profit center...
  • Get the answers to the biggest questions Monica gets about finding, hiring and training assistants so that they become HUGE profit centers while removing all the stress that a real estate career creates on an agent...
  • Monica reveals the 4 steps necessary to leveraging your time and maximizing your profits through the use of assistants...
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Sam Neylan

Neylan Group International
The Perfect Assistant is an essential leverage tool to coach & develop (at least) one of the key roles on any team: the executive assistant … in the process, the rest of the team!

My team, Neylan Group Intl, has both attended the San Diego training & been in enrolled in group coaching and the initial & ongoing value wildly exceeds the cost. 

My highlights: Monica’s vast experience & proven track record, the mindsets developed & the systems given (aka me not having to re-invent the wheel), Monica's direct & insightful training delivered with her dry sense of humor & that twinkle in her eye, and the deep behavioral analysis that helps the rain maker & the assistant understand each other strengths and understand each other’s roles for far more clarity, effectiveness, productivity & peace.  

If your goal really is to have a Career Worth Having, a Business Worth Owning, and a Life Worth Living, then sign up, lean in & grow your life. 

Susan Draper

Draper Home Team at Keller Williams South Sound

The best decision I've made in the past year was to enroll Karen in your course. She has put in place every aspect of your org plan. I love this and it has brought us closer together in a shared vision.
About Monica Reynolds

Monica Reynolds has garnered national recognition as a Real Estate Coach, Trainer and Author.   Monica is regarded in the real estate industry as an innovative real estate advisor for systems and effective team hiring and management systems that sustain successful real estate careers, with growth driven initiatives.   

In her over forty years in the real estate industry, she has been recognized by Gary Keller and Dave Ramsey as a high level mentor, trainer and producer.  Monica was Vice President of MAPS Coaching for Gary Keller, has developed an ELP Program for the Dave Ramsey Company, has led a team to over $100,000,000 in annual sales, and has been involved in creating cutting edge technology development for lead generation.Monica  also helped develop ArchTelecom and 800 Infohomeline for the real estate industry.  Most important and significant in Monica's career has been the pioneering of hiring, managing, and creating growth producing team members for teams and Realtors.   Monica has authored 3 books  on Real Estate Assistants and Systems.

Monica's work ethic and disciplines have much to do with her background.  Being raised in an Air Force family, discipline, work ethic, systems and patterns have been the backbone of her processes.  In her tenure of real estate production - she knows that checklists, following a system, not reinventing the wheel and finding the inner accountability in each person will bring the results for accomplishing an individual's "Life by Design" and annual goals.

Today, Monica is an Executive Coach for Keller Williams / MAPS coach and works with the largest volume producing teams in the country.  She also trains upcoming MAPS Coaches for Gary Keller, using her knowledge and first hand experience to help others develop their skills to help teams and Realtors reach the next level of income production.  Monica conducts monthly group  trainings , The Perfect Real Estate Assistant with MAPS  based on team hiring, building, operations and developing systems.

"How To Find, Hire and Train The Perfect Real Estate Assistant Webinar!"
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